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USNOFS Image and Catalogue Archive
The catalogue and image archive contains the digital scans of a number of the major Schmidt telescope surveys of the skies, along with the catalogues of astronomical objects created from those images. The USNO-B1.0, NOMAD and USNO-A2.0 catalogues are available from here.

FASTT Planetary Satellite Observations [Planets icon, link to planetary satellite page]
[Asteroid icon, link to occultation data page]FASTT Asteroid Observations
MICA, from USNO/AA, provides data on bright stars and major solar system bodies. [MICA logo, links to MICA webpage]
[Horizons logo, links to the JPL Horizons website] Horizons - JPL's ephemeris generation program covers all known solar system bodies, including spacecraft, over wide range of time spans.