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Service Alert (28 Nov 2016: 5:30pm MST): Updated Files. Service has been restored. Many files have been updated. If you experience issues, clear your web cache and confirm your links are not pointing to missing files.

This facility allows you to extract catalogue data and plot up finder charts. In addition, we have available the raw images from scanning the major photographic surveys. You can overplot the catalogue data onto the images, as well as overplot your own additional markers.

In normal operation, users input their query through the lower frame, and all returned information shows up here in the upper frame.

If you find this useful, please let us know, and if you have problems, please let us know.

Acknowledgment: If you have found the USNOFS Archive helpful in your work, the following acknowledgment would be appreciated:

   This research has made use of the USNOFS Image and Catalogue Archive
   operated by the United States Naval Observatory, Flagstaff Station

NEWS NOTES (08 Dec 2009): A number of changes have been made. These include:

NEWS NOTE (31 Jul 2008): All image data are now being served from a RAID, no more waits for loading tapes. This should reduce typical image request times to 1 to 2 minutes, instead of 15 to 60 minutes.

NEWS NOTE (28 Mar 2005): Release of Virtual Observatory (VO) based Cone Search tools for accessing the NOMAD, USNO-B1, USNO-A2 and ACT catalogues from this site.

NEWS NOTE (23 Nov 2004): The first release of the NOMAD Catalog is now available.

NEWS NOTE (18 Oct 2002): The USNO-B1.0 Catalog is now available.

Service Update (20 Jan 2009: 8:30pm MST): Service URL change (in progress). The new URL for this service is

At some point in the near future access through the current web site will cease. I do not know the projected duration of the overlap period. The new web site looks different, but retains all of the functions of the current site, and accesses the same server and data sets.

Service Update (12 Dec 2008: 10am MST): Impending service URL change. When I have a complete URL for this service, I will post it here. Hopefully that will happen before the service moves to the new portal.

Under direction from the Chief of Naval Operations, the U.S. Naval Observatory's web site is changing from its traditional appearance to a web "portal" which will combine all of the Navy Oceanography Community's products and services.

As of 15 January 2009, the U.S. Naval Observatory's publicly-accessible products and services will continue to be available at http://www.usno.navy.mil, but will be part of a larger portal.

DoD customers are directed to our NIPRNet site at https://oceanography.navy.mil (CAC required).

Questions or comments can be submitted here.

Service Note (06 Dec 2008: 9pm MST): Impending service URL change. Due to changes in the way the Department of Navy is structuring its web sites, in the near future, the web address for this service will probably change. I do not have any more details at the moment. As I learn more, I will post it.

Old Service Notes

Server Status (as of 08 Dec 2009 1pm MST):

If you want Image data, please read this.

The Plate Logs are now on-line through the main server help file.

New service(s): As of January 2000, we are now serving out the image data in the PMM archive. The USNO-A2.0 catalogue is derived from some of these image data. When you request data, you have the option of getting catalogue data (QUICK) and/or retrieving the pixel data for the PMM images that cover the field of your request. All of the surveys listed in the table below have been scanned, and the pixels are being loaded into our tape library. Image retrieval will NOT be instantaneous (or anywhere near close), since the images come off of tape, so have patience please. You have the option of being notified by e-mail when your request is finished. To understand this service little better, please see the discussion of the PMM.


Particular Limitations:

Additional caveats regarding the pixel service: this is still somewhat beta test software right now, and I am only one person with other responsibilities. I am working on this as fast as I can. I am happy to hear your suggestions for ways to improve this service, and will do what I can to incorporate them. If you find a bug, or something that seems wrong, PLEASE PLEASE let me know.

As of 04 January 2001, we have available on-line images of the following surveys (and more will be available shortly):

            Survey                               Photographic
  Name      Description                          Colors        Fields
  ----      -----------                          ------        ------
  POSS-I  - 1st epoch Palomar Obs. Sky Survey    103aO         All (1-937)
	    including the WhiteOak Extension	 103aE         All (1-1037)

  POSS-II - 2nd epoch Palomar Obs. Sky Survey    IIIaJ         All (2 - 898)
						 IIIaF         All (2 - 898)
						 IV-N          All that were taken (2 - 898, less 24 fields)
  SRC-J   - SRC  Southern J Survey               IIIaJ         All (1-606)

  SERC-EJ - SERC Southern Equatorial J Survey    IIIaJ         All (607-894)

  ESO-R   - ESO  Southern R Survey               IIIaF         All (1-606)

  SERC-ER - SERC Southern Equatorial R Survey    IIIaF         All (607-894)

  AAO-R   - Anglo-Australian Obs. Southern R     IIIaF         All (1-606)

  LUYTEN  - Luyten's 2nd Epoch Northern Plates	               All scanned

  PIMWA   - Palomar Infra-Red Milky Way Atlas    IV-N          All scanned (1-80)
						 098-0	       All scanned (1-80)

  AAO-N   - Anglo-Australian Obs. Southern N     IV-N          Scanned 816 of 894

  AAO-sR  - Southern Milky Way Atlas		 IIIaF	       All scanned (1-163)
  SPM     - The Yale Southern Proper Motion Survey             All scanned

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