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ID id
Alternate ID altid
RA ra
DEC dec
Sigma RA sigra [mas]
Sigma DEC sigdec [mas]
Mean Epoch mep [years]
Mu RA mura [mas/yr]
Mu DEC mudec [mas/yr]
Mu Prob. muprob [0.0 - 0.9]
Sigma Mu RA smura [mas/yr]
Sigma Mu DEC smudec [mas/yr]
Sigma Fit RA sfitra [mas]
Sigma Fit DEC sfitdec [mas]
# of Fit Points fitpts [0-N]
Error Flags err
Flags flg
Magnitude mag
Sigma Mag smag [mag]
Mag Flag mflg
Field/Survey ID fldid
Star/Galaxy Index sg [0-11,19]
XResidual xres [arcsec]
YResidual yres [arcsec]
Plate File Index pltidx
Computed Quantities
Color (B-V, B-R, etc) clr -
Sigma Position sigpos [mas]
Total Proper Motion mutot [mas/yr]
Sigma Proper Motion sigmu [mas/yr]
Std Coord Xi xi [arcsec]
Std Coord Eta eta [arcsec]
Distance to Center dstctr [arcsec]
Galactic Longitude gall [deg]
Galactic Latitude galb [deg]
Min. Separation minsep [arcmin]
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