PMM - The Introductory Files

These are files that are included on the CD-ROM and contain all explanatory information. In order to allow updates to the text, information on problems or improvements, and to provide additional instructions, the latest versions of the files are displayed here. These files should always supercede those on the CD-ROM. Check the dates on the files; note that the latest CD-ROM is dated September 1998. Updated files will be marked as such.

README.V20 introduction to USNO-A2.0 - should be read first.
README.V10 introduction to version 1.0.
READMESA.V20 extension of README needed for USNO-SA2.0.
READ.AST USNO-A1.0 astrometry (no update for version 2.0).
READ.PHT USNO-A1.0 photometry (no update for version 2.0).
READ.PMM PMM design, hardware, and software (no update for version 2.0).
READUSE.V20 how to read USNO-A2.0 and USNO-SA2.0 files.
DEMO.TAR UNIX tar file containing FORTRAN and C source code for reading catalogs.

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